University of Arizona Insect Collection

Welcome to the University of Arizona's Insect Collection (UAIC). The collection is the cornerstone for entomological research and insect diagnostics for the state of Arizona. The UAIC includes approximately 2.0 million specimens representing 35,000 species making it the most comprehensive in the world for the Sonoran Desert Region. The vast majority are insects, but other arthropods are included.  Most of our species have been authoritatively identified by leading experts from around the world, making the collection an essential resource for scientists conducting basic and applied entomological research in this biologically rich region. 

Over the last nine years we have: (1) moved the entire pinned collection into modern facilities, (2) improved visiting researcher facilities, (3) initiated an endowed visiting researcher program, (4) established a specimen-level database, Symbiota Collections of Arthropod Network (SCAN), which provides specimen-level data online via a Virtual Network linked to other arthropod collections around the world, (5) established a new lab within the footprint of the UAIC dedicated to extracting DNA from museum specimens, and (6) established an endowment designated to cover non-salary operating expenses for the collection.  We are now well-positioned to develop large-scale specimen-based projects related to biodiversity, pest management, invasive species, and/or the effects of climate change.  Such projects will use the specimens in the UAIC to develop species occurrence maps and identification tools, including high-resolution images and genomic resources.  

We are located on the 4th floor of the Forbes Building near the center of the University campus. The collection is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm (Temporarily CLOSED). 

Please contact us before you visit to make sure someone will be available to help you.