Specimen Level Digitized Database

The UAIC is in the process of developing a new specimen-level database in Symbiota.  Entries for each specimen include a unique UAIC number, higher taxonomic information, collection event information including georeferenced locality data, and (when available) host and habitat information. For select groups, entries will be linked to a dorsal view of the specimen and an image of the labels. This new database is searchable through this website and the data will be provided to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).

NSF  “Advancing Digitization of Biological Research Collections” funding is allowing us to capture specimen-level data from large portions of the UAIC collection. We are also participating in a digital network of specimen-level data to form the Symbiota Collection of Arthropods Network (SCAN) which virtually connects 16 arthropod collections in the southwestern US and Mexico.
NSF Emerging Frontiers (EF-1206382)